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“It is impossible to understand the human race without knowing its myths, because they are based on truths- albeit differently expressed but nonetheless profound truths.”
Richard Cavendish

All over the globe, we can find testimony and clues of culture-bringing deities, to whom wisdom, justice, but also inventions and discoveries have been attributed.
What happened to their Legacy?

El Mano dell Disierto: Created by a Chilean Artist, this hand reaches high up into the blue sky of the Atacama, the driest, most extreme desert on our planet – a region where indigenous people, having embraced Christianity centuries ago, still worship “La Pacha Mama”, Mother Earth.

But the Atacama is also a region where paganism meets high-tech. Like at Cerro Paranal, where the most powerful telescopes on Earth are revolutionizing our perception of the Universe.

The sight of the Milky Way, almost always visible during clear desert nights must have equally impressed the forefathers of these natives as it does modern-day man. But now, answers as to where we come from and where we might be heading are within reach.

It is here, where our cinematic voyage will begin – a voyage around the globe, from which we not only want to carry home magnificent three-dimensional images, but also attempt to demonstrate the aliveness and depth of the human faith, no matter of what origin. Because all that separates us also links us together.

At Tical, deep in the jungles of Guatemala, we will explore the cultural sites and heritage of the Mayans.

Petra in Jordan, fabled “rose-red city half as old as time”, originally founded by a Semitic tribe and entirely carved out of the rocks, has been steeped in legend ever since…

… the monolithic rock churches of Lalibela in Ethiopia, considered the “Eighth Wonder of the World”, where in the 12th Century a “New Jerusalem” has emerged.

… in the labyrinth of the ancient Souks of Fez in Morocco, leather is still being tanned in an archaic fashion. Small Mosks and Koranic Schools call the faithful to prayer.

… to the sprawling temple complexes and ancient cities of Nepal‘s Kathmandu Valley: Swayambhunath, Bodnath, Patan, Bhaktapur, Pashupathinath.

… pulsating Istanbul in Turkey, once founded as Byzantium. Its palaces and mosks still dominate one of the largest cities in the world, bridge between Christianity and Islam, Europe and Asia.

…finally, in Jerusalem, crossroad of the three great world religions, our voyage will come to an end. 

Captivating, high-resolution HFR 3D images, some of them shot with cameras mounted on remote-controlled special mini-helicopters, will convey impressions that could never have been achieved with conventional cinematographic techniques. This will open up new perspectives that even the human eye has seldom or never registered.
Tranquil, flowing, often meditative images, subdued narration and the rousing score by a major composer promise an unforgettable motion picture experience.

©: 2012 by CineMonde & Jochen Breitenstein
All rights reserved


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A Feature Film

Right from the beginning, the people in former Communist East Germany watched developments in Cuba, “That Socialistic Beacon in the Caribbean” with total fascination. No wonder, then, that the comrades in Europe maintained close ties with Havana. In conjunction with the “Ideological Solidarity” back in the 1980’s and continuing all the way until the fall of the Berlin Wall, at least 30,000 Cubans, often with their entire families, came to East Germany as foreign contract workers.

The Plot
East Berlin 1986: This is the story of 16-year-old Helena Cassera, whose mother has found a job as a scientist at an East Berlin university. Helena is smart, meanwhile speaks excellent German and lives the Socialist dream to its fullest. Proudly she wears the blue uniform of her swimming team at school. The mulatto girl is exceptionally good-looking, but her silky brown skin and long, curly tresses often trigger discrimination on the part of the other girls in school. Things are, of course, different with the boys. They are enraptured by her soft Latina accent and her extravagantly colorful Cuban style. But her heart has been won over by 18-year old Eduard “Eddy” Brink, a “rebel with a cause”. Eddies self-confidence is as solid as is his striving for justice, having never given up his dream of someday escaping the oppressive squalor of the Socialist Regime.
Three years before the fall of the Berlin Wall: CubanoPankow takes us on a journey from the sun drenched shores of the Caribbean island to the drab greyness of East Berlin - through a time that seemed downright unbearable, but also had a certain romantic quality all its own. We take in the freaky and thus much scorned music scene of the late eighties, a punk and gay movement, which officially does not exist, a pirate radio station, which stereotypical men with headphones in unmarked delivery trucks are trying to track down, a young police officer whose secret love for the Cuban girl ultimately cost him his job and his freedom, an enthusiastic escape helper from the west with sure-fire  plans.
We see Helena with her big heart and her untamable lust for life, whose existence here is so much better than it had been in do-without Havana, still captivated by her dreams of a rosy future …
…until her beloved Eddy confesses he will have to flee the GDR lest he will end up in jail. Helena’s reaction is spontaneous: She will follow him wherever he goes.
Yet, the plan to cross the border to West Germany with forged passports and disguised as a woman turns into disaster –the STASI has gotten wind of it at the very last moment. Still, in a crazy, kneejerk reaction, Eddy tries to crash his car through the checkpoint barriers. A single shot is fired which hits Helena.
Cuba 1991. Eddy has aged, the years in jail left their marks. He is standing at the beach – the very spot where Helena once said good bye to her homeland.
For a long time Eddy gazes at the vast expanse of the Ocean…

To be directed by Dror Zahavi
© 2012 All rights reserved

Night of the Raven


(More info to come soon)

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